These harsh winter months can take a toll on you & your home.
Make it a point to be prepared so that your home is ready for these tough winter months. One of the biggest burdens of winter is having frozen pipes.
For many, this may be the first winter that this has happened.

Here are a few helpful hints so that you can keep your home in running order:

Insulate your pipes with foam. By having foam on the outside of your pipes that are exposed to the cold, it will keep the water warmer & more capable of moving. Therefore keeping your pipes from freezing.

Placing an insulated dome over any outdoor water fixtures such as hosebib’s will prevent them from being in direct exposure to the harsh elements, helping your pipe work stay warmer & more free moving.

Allowing your faucet to have a minor drip will help alleviate pressure to your pipes. With the lack of pressure & movement of water your pipes are less likely to freeze. In the event that they do freeze, this will help prevent a rupture.

Do’s for frozen pipes:

- Make sure your faucets are open when the pipes begin to unfreeze it will help the water flow & all the running water to thaw some of the remaining ice in the pipes.

- Help melt some of the ice by placing a heating pad, hot towel or hair dryer on the Heat setting to the outside of the frozen pipe.

- Use a space heater under your home to heat the pipes to keep the temperature higher. Away from flammable items & never left unattended.


- Hesitate to call a licensed plumber if you feel the situation is not something you can handle.

- Use a blowtorch, propane or kerosene heater, charcoal stove, etc to heat your pipes! All of which are highly dangerous.


Happy House Owning!