It's that time of year again where you break out your jack-o-lantern carving skills! 

A helpful hint? Make sure you keep those pumpkin guts far from your garbage disposal!

The "pumpkin pulp" which includes the seeds, pulp & other gooey goop will surely give your garbage disposal a run for its money.

Roto-Rooter issued a warning of the dangers of dropping the goo down your garbage disposal.

Time & time again plumbers are called out to remove the festive slim from home owners garbage disposals & other plumbing fixtures.

It may be a slimy mess now, but as time goes on the stringy goo hardens in the pipes & makes movement through the fixtures nearly impossible!

Which results in a frantic call to the home owners plumber.

The best way to solve this issue?? Throw your jack-o-lantern remains in the trash!

Your best bet is to keep pumpkin pulp away from all plumbing (including toilets, sinks, garbage disposals etc.)!

Happy Halloween home owners!