New statistics have shown that the real estate market is steadily climbing up!

According to a recent release from the Sussex County Association of Realtors:

"Through the first six months of 2014, real estate sales in Sussex County have increased more than 14 percent over the first six months of 2013, with a shade over $350 million in sales recorded in the county.

And even better news could be on the horizon, as 801 sales are now pending in Sussex County. This would add significantly to the 1,044 homes already sold thus far in 2014.

The number of sales has also increased 30 percent in the second quarter, over the first three months of the year. Taking all available data into account, the area's real estate markets continue to benefit from an increase in momentum, with cautious optimism prevalent related to the days, months and years ahead."

And Kent County's stats aren't too far behind. They have only increased slightly but the fact that we are maintaining a steady market is still cause for some optimism!

Kent County - Single-Family

  Jun '13 Jun '14
Inventory 1,254 1,279
Inv. Accumulation 10.9 10.6


Market History
  Jun '13 Jun '14
Settled 123 126
Median Price $189,000 $179,000
SPrice/OPrice 94.5% 95.8%


Year-to-Date Market Snapshot
  Jun '13 Jun '14
Settled 682 664
Median Price $179,000 $185,000
SPrice/OPrice 93.42% 94.07%