Have you recently moved into a new home?? Thinking about it?? Well here are some tips & tricks to welcome good luck & prosperity into your new home!

1. Spread coins around your living room! Spreading coins welcomes prosperity into your home! & who couldn't use a little more of that??

2. A little superstitious maybe? According to this southern tradition, if you paint your porch blue to symbolise water those spooky-ooky spirits can't cross & won't enter your home! Lighting a few candles wouldn't help either, those are said to bring light to the room & ward off darkness & "spirits".

3. Keeping the color theme going, it's a Chinese tradition to bring an orange tree into your home for good luck! Being that in their language the word 'orange' & 'good luck' sound too similar to not take them up on the great coincidence! 


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