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These are expectations I will fulfill as Broker for my agents.



“Customer Care” refers to the actions, attentions, and precautions through which a Subscribing REALTOR® Member builds, sustains, and maintains relationships with clients or customers within the framework of a real estate transaction experience.

“Communication” refers to the protocols, procedures, and courtesies a Subscribing REALTOR® Member applies to interactions with clients, customers, and other real estate professionals involved in a transaction.


1. Make myself aware of the agent’s personal needs for communication, including the method (voice, fax, e-mail, etc.) and frequency (daily, weekly, etc.), and deliver against those expectations.

2. Assure that I have adequate back-up in place when I am not available, and let my agents know how to reach my back-up.

3. Communicate in clear terms the nature of the service options I am offering.

4. Comply with the letter and spirit of the Fair Housing Laws.

5. Conduct myself in an appropriate, professional manner at all times, including the avoidance of inappropriate language or disparaging comments about other real estate professionals or properties.

6. Insure that all parties to the transaction present offers and counter offers in a timely manner.

7. Insure that all deposits, escrow accounts, etc. are treated with care.

8. For Listing Agents, I will:

a. Help them develop an understanding of the property being listed.

b. Recommend a price or range of prices based on an analysis developed and considerations as to the desired speed of sale.

c. Advise the agent of methods used to prepare the property for sale, including any recommendations for updating, painting, reorganization, etc. that will improve the seller’s chances of a sale at the desired price.

d. Provide Recorder of Deeds access for all counties for verification of mortgages, deeds, liens, etc.

e. Provide my agent with the appropriate documentation they will need for listing a property.

f. Provide Marketing Assistance that will highlight all desirable or required amenities of the property to their best advantage, and assist with marketing ideas to implement for each property.

g. Insure that the listing is entered into the MLS within the timeframe required by the MLS and that it is accurate and complete as it relates to required MLS information, amenities, school district, and other information.

h. Provide other real estate professionals with clear instructions for showing the property.

i. Provide a Real Estate Appointment Service, for a fee, to my agents to use that will assist with setting up appointments and requesting feedback.

j. In the instance of multiple offers, I will recommend a process that will be followed to insure fairness to my clients.

9. For Buyers Agents, I will:

a. Teach them how to make appointments for showings as far in advance as possible and to respect the showing instructions offered by the listing agent.

b. Teach them appropriate Lockbox and Showing etiquette, such as but not limited to: Not share the lockbox combination with their client,  Be considerate of the property and will not allow anyone to eat, drink, smoke, dispose of trash, or bring pets into the property, Insure that children are supervised during showings, Arrive on time for showings and leave their business card after the showing,  Notify the seller or the listing agent if there is a delay or if the client no longer wishes to view the property, Leave the property as they found it after showings, unless instructed otherwise, Return keys promptly after showings or, when applicable, carefully replace the keys in the lockbox, Provide feedback on the property to the seller’s agent at their earliest convenience.

c. Assist them with becoming familiar with property information sources such as: MLS Services, County and Local websites, Flood Map sites, Wetland sites, HOA sites, etc.   This is so the agent can familiarize themselves with the property, including the neighborhood, amenities, potential schools, and other reasonable details.

d. When appropriate, recommend inspections for the property, including physical inspection, pest inspection, and other inspections dictated by the specific issues of the particular area (hazardous materials, flood/water/septic, etc.) and provide my agents with a pre-screened list of potential providers of these services.

e. Where there is an Exclusive Buyer’s Agency Agreement, actively represent the client’s interests, even if it conflicts with my own.



“Technology” refers to a group or combination of electronic or digital products and systems used by a Subscribing REALTOR® Member to facilitate and process a real estate transaction and the relationships and responsibilities involved.


1. Familiarize myself and my agents with the customary means of communications for clients and other real estate professionals, such as: phone, voice mail, e-mail, fax, tablets, computers, transaction management software, MLS Services, keypad services, software and programs for marketing, advertising, etc. Become proficient in the customary systems and software required for the successful conduct of business, and to provide training for my agents for those same systems and programs.

2. To have equipment in the location that will allow business to be conducted, such as: Internet access, fax, copier, printer, phones, and messaging systems.

3. Insure that systems are in place for the security of property and client data.



“Professional Development” refers to the substance, processes, procedures, and techniques used to position and maintain a real estate professional at the optimum level of knowledge and competence relative to the trends, events, information, procedures, and techniques of the profession.


1. Maintain my real estate license and NAR, DAR, and local association memberships as well as MLS memberships in good standing.

2. Demonstrate a dedication to the profession through on-going improvement of my skills through continuing education, higher level certifications/designations, and/or other knowledge-based programs.

3. Seek affiliation and/or networking opportunities through industry or community organizations, committees, and/or groups.

4. Keep informed of news and trends through written publications and/or industry websites.

5. To share my knowledge and information with my agents to help them informed as well.



“Risk Management” refers to the process of analyzing a real estate professional’s exposure to transaction-based risk, determining how best to handle such exposure, and implementing the appropriate actions to manage, reject, or minimize that exposure.


1. Obtain and maintain Errors and Omission, Auto, and General Liability coverage that is appropriate and adequate to the size of my firm and the market.

2. Take responsibility for familiarizing myself with and precisely following the standard operating procedures provided by my brokerage with regard to risk management.

3. Assure that every document required in a transaction file is within the file in a clearly legible and organized manner.

4. Respond to and attempt to settle all issues or controversies that arise with my agents through discussion and development of options.

5. Insure that my support staff is well trained.



“Transaction Management” refers to that group or combination of manual, electronic, or digital tools, procedures and processes used to administer, facilitate, manage, and communicate the status and/or completion of a real estate transaction.


1. Develop and maintain a comprehensive, complete, accurate, and up-to-date file on every transaction. This file shall include all information, offers, counter offers, contracts, market analyses, notes about conversations, agreements, disclosures, addendums, client contact information, timetables, etc.

2. Make all information contained within the transaction file available to my client upon request.

3. Insure that all offers, counter offers and other communications are on approved forms, typed or written legibly. If substantial changes are made to an offer, the offer will be re-prepared so that it is clear and readable to all parties to the transaction.

4. Make every effort to assist in meeting deadlines, provide notice if compliance is not possible, and communicate if deadlines have changed.

5. Insure that all documentation is properly executed with required and true signatures.

6. Confirm receipt of all important information, documents, and escrow monies with the cooperating real estate professional through email or other written means.



“Professional Relationships” refers to the daily, working contacts and communications between and among brokers, among brokers and their agents, and between agents on either side of the transaction as they seek to provide the highest level of service to their respective clients and customers, while maintaining the highest caliber professional image for the industry.

A Subscribing REALTOR® Member recognizes that, from a consumer’s point of view, successful transactions require a professional working relationship between the cooperating real estate practitioners.


1. Interact with other real estate professionals in a polite, professional, respectful, and ethical manner at all times, avoiding disparaging comments about another professional or the industry as a whole.

2. Strive to be respectful of other professionals’ normal business hours and private and/or family time.

3. Respond quickly and accurately to any requests for information, including from other Brokers or Agents on the opposing side of the transaction.

4. Respect the diversity of consumers and other professionals as to ethnicity, religion, color, age, sexual preference, or physical disability.

5. Identify myself, including my firm affiliation and client relationship, in communications with other members of the real estate community and provide my own detailed contact information when requested.

                6. Not prospect for or solicit my agents’ clients.

7. To be accessible to my agents after hours for questions, assistance, and even for just sharing good news.


By signing this statement, I pledge to provide the professional services referenced above.

Signature of REALTOR® Broker:  Michele Bilow

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