7 Major Signs a Home is Staged Wrong

1. You’ve Blocked the Flow
Keep the flow of the room open! It's a must to never block the path of a prospective buyer while they are touring the house. This is the time when they are forming opinions & having a rough flowing room is not a good opinion to have!


2. It’s Artfully Off-Kilter
Don't over clutter a wall with too many photos in to small of an area. Photos make a room look finished, but be careful not to overwhelm the eyes with a managery of them. Also, use to 60-Up rule. Hang all photos at least sixty inches above the floor at eye level. Be sure to furnish the house first & hang later to add extra embelishment.


3. The Wrong Rug
There are three appropriate times in which you should consider using a rug. Number one, when a room is overwhelmingly large. Throw a rug down to give a homier feel. Two, when a room is small. To help the room feel expanded. & three, "lost luxury" where you want to bring a certain feel to a room that may not otherwise be obtainable. 


4. Out of Focus Areas
Always obtain a focal point. The focal point helps a room not become overwhelming to the eye & makes the experience more enjoyable.


5. Your Numbers Are Off
Odd numbers are your friend. Make sure when adding accents to a room, such as candles, you keep them in groups of three or five. Even numbers aren't as astetically pleasing to the eye.


6. Matchy-Matching
Too much, is just too much. Being overly matchy-matchy is a downfall to a room. Tying a room together is one thing, a bad idea is to perfectly match all aspects of a room. Such as the same color repeated over & over.


7. It Looks Like Every Other Home
Remember the key to selling is standing out in a buyers mind as the one home they can't live without. So be sure not to blend with the rest of the homes they may have looked at. Give them something to identify with.