Boxes & Neon Tape: The Latest Moving Tip!

Moving can be a fun & exciting experience! New location, new places to see, new things to discover. . .

Once everything is packed & transported that is, which seems to be the part that people dread the most. We’re here to give you a few helpful hints as to how you can make your moving experience a little more enjoyable.

Our personal favorite when it comes to useful & helpful hits has to be color coding. This trick is totally worth a few rolls of tape & a couple extra seconds per box. It phases out the old method of writing on boxes with stinky permanent marker.

Which sometimes leads to miscommunication do to illegible writing or just a mere oversight because the words didn’t stand out to you. Using our tape trick will make your box placement go from reading to at a glance. Time efficient & a big sanity saver!

What you do:

  • Go out & buy yourself a few rolls of bright colored duct tape, about one per room. You’ll see what we mean in a second.
  • As you’re packing up your house you’ll be filling boxes per room of the house. That’s where the tape comes in.
  • Take a second to grab a piece of paper & stick each color of tape on it. Then, label which color goes with each room of the house.

  • Essentially you’re color coding each box on the outside with a single sliver of tape that coincides with the room you wish for the box to go in.

  • For example: Living room = Pink. There for all the boxes with pink tape should be placed in the new living room.

See how easy that was??? Now get to packing! Your newest adventure awaits you!